WeeelabexAt 7Digits B.V., we strive for the highest quality standards, and we want our customers to be able to rely on them. We would like to provide you with further information about the four most important certificates we have achieved: ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and the WEEELabex certificate, as well as what we do to maintain these standards.

The company 7Digits B.V. is a Dutch company that specializes in the disposal of IT assets. We adhere to the highest quality level in the industry. The WEEElabex certification verify that electronic waste(e-waste) is processed in a responsible and sustainable way.


We take various measures in order to comply with this standard. These include regular audits to ensure that our processes and practices are carried out correctly and are improved where necessary.

In addition, all employees are trained and educated in the methods and measures necessary to comply with WEEElabex. We are aware of recent developments and the impact that our work has on the environment.

Furthermore, all relevant information and data regarding the processing of electronic waste is carefully recorded. This includes the type and quantity of waste, the processing technologies used, and what happens to the recycled material.

View our WEEElabex certificate PDF

ISO Certificates

Certificates ISO27001The ISO 27001 certification is crucial to us because it concerns information security. We understand how important it is to protect the confidential information on our clients. We follow strict processes and use security systems like CCTV and electric fences. Several areas of our premises are protected by a tag system, and our employees receive regular training on information security.

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ISO14001The ISO 14001 certification concerns environmental management, and we believe it is essential to do our part for a better environment. To reduce our CO2 emissions, we take various measures such as using electric cars and planting trees to offset our CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to adopt environmental-conscious behaviors.

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ISO9001With the ISO 9001 certification, we demonstrate our commitment to quality management. We have efficiently organized our business processes and all employees are involved in our company and processes. We do this through open communication, a pleasant working atmosphere, and by offering training and courses. Likewise, we have a structured process for requests, allowing us to quickly and adequately respond to the needs of our customers.

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We are audited annually by a CI (i.e., certification body). Our services, business processes, and personnel comply with all laws and regulations related to safety, good working conditions, efficiency, and sustainability. Did you know that 7Digits is a reliable partner for sustainable and circular ITAD services? Our services ensure that your IT equipment is processed safely, responsibly, and sustainably, while ensuring that your data remains secure.

There is more to it. As a partner of 7Digits B.V., you get many benefits, such as:

  • Safe and responsible processing of IT equipment and e-waste
  • Secure removal of all data
  • A responsible and sustainable alternative to traditional IT equipment waste management
  • Full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements is achieved
  • Reusing and recycling IT equipment to help create a circular economy
  • Through more efficient waste processing, cost savings can be achieved while also recovering valuable resources

We are committed to providing high-quality and sustainable ITAD services to our customers and reducing the environmental impact of IT equipment.

If you have any questions about our certifications or would like to learn more about our services, please contact us via the contact form, e-mail: info@7digits.eu , or call us at +31(0)15 750 10 15.