Data erasure

At 7Digits we offer on- and off- site data erasing to permanently remove data from drivers and servers. (hybrid)Destruction- of data carriers with optional picture taking, extensive reports and customization. Discover the benefits of our professional and certified data destruction solutions. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001.

Inkopen ICT assets

ICT Value Recovery

Your used hardware is worth money. Discover what your decommissioned ICT hardware is worth. From appraisal to transport. Being unburdened by using our logistics service is one of the possibilities. We not only permanently remove your data from drivers and servers. We also offer extensive reporting options and full customization.

Smart recycling solutions

Smart Recycling Solutions

Maximum reuse, circular economy: that is important to us at 7Digits. For recycling we work together with Dutch recycling companies, all of which are Weeelabex certified. We ourselves are ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 describes how 7Digits can process and prevent environmental risks. Secure disposal of decommissioned ICT asset.

7Digits Doneren


As a business partner of leading Dutch charities such as Kwasa, KWF and the Dutch Animal Protection (Dierenbescherming), we form the bridge for your company to corporate social responsibility (CSR). A better world and a healthy environment. Let’s do this together!


About us

7Digits B.V. is the partner for ICT Value Recovery. We work in an environmentally friendly way and are designed for maximum reuse of IT equipment. In addition to being socially involved, circularity is our inspiration.



The potential risk of data leakage of sensitive data poses a significant risk to your organization. We have designed our service to delete the confidential data 100% securely. Comprehensive Reporting and ISO certified, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 & ISO 9001.

ICT value recovery

7Digits, all-round expert in ITAD.

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Sustainable digital future

Of course, as an all-round ITAD partner we are happy to contribute to the circular process. From equipment collection to repurposing or recycling. During this process, data security is a priority. And it is precisely this combination that we are proud of: we protect your company against data leaks and reputation damage, and we minimize the impact on the environment.

We offer extensive reporting options and full customization as well. To name a few: on- and off- site erasing-, (hybrid)destruction- of data carriers with optional picture taking. Equally important refurbishing-, repurposing-, value recovery- services and last but not least ; we also facilitate transport.