Data destruction must be done properly and permanently – it’s as simple as that. After all, the data involved is often confidential and sensitive. At 7Digits, we have ISO certificates (27001, 14001 and 9001) and data destruction is what we specialize in. We have various destruction methods for deleting your data, making us a reliable partner offering the highest level of service in data deletion and data destruction.

Data erasure or data destruction?

These are two different working methods with the same objective. Data erasure refers to using software to overwrite the information on the data carrier. That renders the data carrier completely unreadable, but it can still be reused perfectly well and it retains its value. Efficient overhaul and refurbishment processes promote circularity. Because we are a certified ITAD partner, we can offer the best data erasure methods with software from YouWipe (Gold Certified ITAD partner), Certus and Blancco.

YouWipe certifiedBlancco data destruction

Data destruction refers to physically destroying the data carrier. Our advanced shredding or degaussing machines dismantle and destroy the data carriers. After that, the data carriers are no longer usable. They are shredded (cut up finely) and recycled. The materials go to one of our partners where the raw materials – sometimes scarce – can be recovered. We work together with Dutch recycling companies, who are all Weeelabex certified.

Our data erasure methods

You want your data wiped completely securely and you want to do your bit for circularity. At 7Digits, we guarantee that, as well as giving your decommissioned hardware a second lease of life. And there’s more: being aware of how the raw materials are used and a great deal less e-waste. Our solutions for professional data erasure and data destruction are suitable for all types of data carriers. That is why we also offer several data removal methods.


We do that using tried-and-tested software. Our operational procedures for data removal can be provided on request with a serially numbered destruction certificate and even (if required) with photographic proof. The data is completely and reliably overwritten. The benefit of this method is that your data carrier can then be reused.


Degaussing is a way of completely removing the data from hard disks. It is a safe and permanent way of erasing data. In this case, reuse is then no longer possible. The data carrier is recycled after degaussing, though. Degaussing is a demagnetization process.


The shredder literally destroys data carriers such as hard disks, USB sticks, memory sticks or other hardware. Reuse is not then possible because the shredder physically cuts up everything. Destruction and recycling are done as per DIN 66399, the European standard. We offer extensive reporting, on-site shredding and transport services.

On-site data destruction services

If data carriers with sensitive data are not allowed to leave the premises, there’s no problem because all of the 7Digits data removal methods can be used for erasing, destroying or shredding data. And don’t be afraid to let us know what form of professional data removal works for you, because we will be pleased to provide a tailored solution. 7Digits B.V. is a solid full service provider, specializing in both IT asset disposition (ITAD) and hybrid data destruction. We focus on the health of your business.

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