It takes years to build a business. How can you be absolutely sure that your decommissioned IT equipment is handled in a responsible manner? What is good ITAD management? A data breach can cause a lot of damage to a carefully constructed company’s reputation. Therefore it is extremely important to select the right partner for your ITAD management. To select a partner with experience and the correct certification is just the beginning. A good feeling from the start. Definitely a good one. But eventually it all comes down to trust and confidence. The ingredients that create a long-standing relationship in our business segment.

The digital age, in which we find ourselves, requires the highest possible security standards of dealing with digital data. This is actually on top of mind and of the highest priority as long as the devices are owned and used by the company. But what happens when the ICT hardware is outdated and written off? There is a real chance that sensitive data, like business email traffic, sensitive financial information, personal identification codes, ends up with unwanted third parties. For instance through second hand sales of ICT hardware.

At 7Digits we ensure safe and reliable ITAD process operations

A unique barcode is provided with your IT hardware. The status information is linked to this unique code during the wipe, the data destruction process and thorough testing of the decommissioned ICT hardware. We not only permanently remove your data from drivers and servers. We offer extensive reporting options and full customization as well. On-site erasing services, demagnetizing data carries and on request picture taking. Equally important we also facilitate transport. Clearly at 7Digits we use a transparent approach in which continuous and open communication is key.

7Digits is your YouWipe Gold Certified ITAD Partner.

YouWipe certified

As an all-around ITAD partner, we are doing our utmost to contribute to the circular process. From collecting your written off equipment to repurposing recycling. In every step of the process, our priority is data security, protecting your business against data leaks & reputational damage while minimizing the environmental impact.

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Author Mieke Droog

Author: Mieke Woudenberg