Donating your ICT-hardware to charity. It looks like a win win situation, well, it certainly is! But what‘s involved for charity organizations and your company? What are the benefits of donating IT hardware and/or electric devices? For the charity in question it’s clean and simple. They benefit from the proceeds of your written off IT hardware and equipment. With your company you can make an important contribution as well. Just integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) with your business strategy.

Join hands

Kwasa foundation in association with 7Digits is a great example of how charity and business join hands. Kwasa Foundation offers support to local foundations in South Africa, a mission of improving education for young and old while providing microcredits for the local population. A better world for people and at the same time aim for a healthy environment. How does it work? We like to call it Inspiring Circularity. At 7Digits our ambition is to complete the full circle. After your donated IT equipment is tested and repaired, the remarketing process begins. Your decommissioned servers, computers and laptops will find a new owner.


After the huge efforts of everyone involved in sustainability and resource efficiency over the years, it is rewarding to see re-use is now recognized as ‘the norm’. It significantly reduces  the quantity of e-waste. Will you join us?

Final outcome win win

Do not leave company-sensitive information on your discarded devices. Look at your company’s strategic goals to help shape your CSR strategy. Discover the benefits of our professional and certified data destruction solutions. 7Digits, a YouWipe software gold member. It’s safe. It’s trusted. For your own peace of mind. It’s a win-win-win! Keep on moving forward with 7Digits. Inspiring Circularity.

Are we the link to your Corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Contact us. We are here for you

Author: Mieke Woudenberg