When it comes to deleting sensitive data, it’s important to choose a reliable method. Physical destruction may be an option, but there is a more efficient and environmentally friendly way: software-based data destruction. Data can be safely deleted without the need for physical destruction. We call this “wiping”. So let’s wipe those worries away and choose the software-based method for secure and reliable data erasure!

You’ve probably heard of the term “wiping”

This refers to software-based data destruction, in which all data on a storage medium is permanently erased using software.

But where does the term “wiping” come from? It’s an abbreviation of the English word “wipe,” which means to “clean” or “wipe.” And that’s precisely what happens during the process of software-based data destruction: all data is wiped off the storage medium and is permanently erased and no longer accessible.

It’s a very effective way to safely delete sensitive information, which is why it’s increasingly being used by businesses and individuals who value their privacy and that of their customers. Furthermore, it’s a more environmentally friendly option than physical destruction because it doesn’t produce waste.

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But what makes software-based data destruction or wiping such a good choice?

The answer is simple: Secure. By using software, all data is permanently erased and is no longer accessible. This prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Wiping is an effective and reliable method to ensure your data is permanently deleted, whether you’re deleting confidential documents from your work computer or cleaning up old files on your laptop. And with the growing need for privacy protection and secure data processing, software-based data destruction is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses.

So, if you’re concerned about safely deleting your digital data, consider using software-based data destruction, in other words, wiping. It’s a fast, efficient, and secure solution.

Wiping is therefore an essential part of secure and permanently deleting data

If it’s time to say goodbye to sensitive data, you have different options to choose from. But when it comes to secure and permanently data erasure of SSD and HDD, our preference is for software-based removal, securely and reliably wiping, without the need for physical destruction.

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Author: Mieke Woudenberg