The Kwasa Foundation carries out small-scale development projects in South Africa. Improving the lives of people living in rural areas step by step!  The Kwasa Foundation was established in 2008 by a group of volunteers to carry out small-scale development projects in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Together with its local South African partner organization TransCape. These projects relate to promoting and improving education (for example, handing out grants or providing new textbooks at a school), providing microcredit (small-scale loans to encourage people to set up their own source of existence) and education about HIV & AIDS (for example , an informative afternoon in a local village).

Companies can support us by making a (one-off or periodic) donation, by buying our delicious and honest wine (for example for a Christmas package or as a promotional gift) or by donating their end-of -life IT hardware. We use 100% of the proceeds for our projects. Nothing sticks to the fingers within our fund; we guarantee that the donation goes entirely and directly to the our projects!  In this way Kwasa Foundation can carry out great projects and make a real difference in the lives of the people of South Africa! This method works, we’ve been proving it for over 14 years!

‘The collaboration with 7Digits is a great way to sponsor our projects without people making a financial contribution. And recycle old hardware that might otherwise have been thrown away. That’s a nice win-win situation! We are therefore very happy with the cooperation’.

KwasaRobert Verboon
Founder and Chairman Stichting Kwasa


Hand in your depreciated ICT equipment or IT hardware to 7Digits, so you donate directly to the Kwasa Foundation.

This ISO-certified company from Pijnacker recycles or reuses your written off equipment. The proceeds of this will go entirely to the Kwasa Foundation.

With your ICT donation, the Kwasa foundation makes a difference in South Africa. Here are the three current projects:

Stichting Kwasa It hardware doneren AfrikaThe Kwasa Foundation supports, among others, the Mdumbi Education Center (MEC). The MEC is a place where before and after school lessons are given to children in the rural areas. The level of teaching at the local primary and middle schools is often not that high and the students receive extra lessons and support at the MEC. This way they still get the same level of education and thus the same opportunities as the children in the big city, where the level of education is often much higher.

Improving the lives of peopleAwareness and education about HIV & AIDS and the importance of safe sex is still a big taboo in South Africa. That is why we organize informative meetings on at secondary schools where important information is conveyed to the students through drama, which they would otherwise not hear at home. We try to prevent HIV infections and, for example, teenage pregnancies.


donate it hardware

Microcredits are small-scale investments (often around €250) For people who want to start up their business. Without collateral, these people cannot turn to a financial institution for a loan. Owning your own busi is often the only way to generate income, because there is no work in rural areas. Having your own “supermarket at home” is a common way to generate some income and provide the basic necessities of life.

Support the Kwasa Foundation and donate your depreciated ICT equipment to 7Digits.

7Digits offers you a secure and sustainable solution for your decommissioned hardware. With this you support the Kwasa Foundation and contribute to a more circular world.

Your written off equipment is recycled or reused. Your old data is also in safe hands with 7Digits, these will be securely destroyed or completely removed. The processes for this are described in the scope of our ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 certificates. These are audited by Kiwa every year.

7Digits deposits the proceeds of the residual value of your old ICT equipment into the Kwasa Foundation account.

The Kwasa Foundation is doing great work in rural South Africa and focuses on three goals; These are: after-school education, information about HIV/AIDS and the provision of microcredits to starting entrepreneurs.

Help us to achieve the three goals! Feel free to call or email us! +31 (0) 157 501015 or

Author: Mieke Woudenberg