‘Sustainable growth through digital infrastructure’

The report(source; Dutch Data Center Association, 2021) shows that the Dutch data center sector has been a frontrunner for years and is one of the sectors with the smallest footprints in the Netherlands. Globally, according to the IEA(International energy agency), energy consumption has been stable for 10 years despite data growth and is one of the best performing sectors. Citizens across Europe are using more and more technology for their daily lives and want this technology, also to secure a sustainable future for people and the planet. This promise from key parts of the data industry is a promise to society and a welcome first step towards realizing our common ambitions for a smart and sustainable future.

The European data center industry has expressed its climate ambition through the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact. One of the main points of this pact is the recycling and repair of servers. Less e-waste.

Sustainable digital future, but what about secure destruction of data and ITAD during this circular process?

As an all-around ITAD partner, we are doing our utmost to contribute to the circular process. From collecting your written off equipment to repurposing or recycling. In every step of the process, our priority is data security, protecting your business against data leaks & reputational damage while minimizing the environmental impact. We ensure safe and reliable process operations. A unique barcode is assigned to your hardware. The status information is linked to this unique code during the wipe, the data destruction process and thorough testing of the hardware.

Sustainable solutions

In addition, at 7Digits B.V.  we take it to another level. We not only permanently remove your data from drivers and servers. We offer extensive reporting options and full customization as well. To name a few: on- and off- site erasing-, (hybrid)destruction- of data carriers with optional picture taking. Equally important refurbishing-, repurposing-, value recovery- services and last but not least ; we also facilitate transport.

Do not leave company-sensitive information on your discarded devices. Look at your company’s strategic goals to help shape your CSR strategy. Discover the benefits of our professional and certified data destruction solutions. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001.

We are happy to help you achieve your green goals, with highest secure data destruction processes for your data center. Keep on moving forward with 7Digits B.V. Inspiring Circularity.

Author: Mieke Woudenberg