The life-cycle of ICT equipment is essential for creating a sustainable and a circular economy. Our Value Recovery system is to help businesses manage their surplus and end of life decommissioned hardware. Maximizing the value of ICT Asset.

Why ICT Asset Value Recovery?

Secure and sustainable, Secure because the data is 100% overwritten with wipe software from renowned companies such as YouWipe. Sustainable because product reuse prolong the life cycle of your ICT equipment. Resulting in less e-waste, and there with the impact on the planet due to the increasing scarcity of raw materials. Servers, storage and other ICT equipment contain minerals and metals, Did you know that a printed circuit board (controls memory) contains copper and even traces of noble metals such as gold and platinum?

It is of great importance for a company to contribute to a Value Recovery program. It is not entirely unimportant that the residual value of the product can be redeemed. Retain value for your ICT assets with the essential part of secure data erasure, a method in the prevention of a data breach.

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Circular economy

At 7Digits we provide you flexibility and a clear process to maximize the ICT asset value. Refurbishing and remarketing processes to increase the potential value. When refurbishing is no longer possible, we ensure that the hardware is carefully dismantled and disposed of in a responsible manner.

One of the main reasons to buy refurbished is still to reduce costs, but also the availability and reliability of the stock are good reasons.

Curious about our mission to throw away as little as possible, reuse and recycling with the highest priority to offer you safe and trustworthy Solutions. Our processes to recover maximum value from your decommissioned ICT equipment.

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We are happy to help you achieve your circular and Value Recovery goals. Contributing to the circular economy. 7Digits your ITAD(IT Asset Disposition) partner for ICT Value Recovery. Solutions to meet the needs of any business size.

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Author: Mieke Woudenberg