What is the next step? For a lot of organizations there’s only one sufficiently safe way when it comes to destroying data. That is through physical destruction of the data carrier by shredding, deforming or cutting, the smaller the better. A sizeable part of the companies do not always do this in the right way let alone dispose of e-waste. Or do not know how data should be securely destroyed and what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legal retention period is when it comes to personal data. Fortunately, there are experienced and specialized ITAD companies that can fully advise and unburden you in this regard.

Are your end of life IT devices collecting dust?

It is expected that there is even sensitive data on the data carriers. Imagine the risk of “forgotten” sensitive data. It is certainly not always necessary to physically destroy the data, which is of course fine if it is recycled in a responsible manner after destruction. But what is the next, even greener and more circular step? Are you ready for this next step? 100% secure data erasure while preserving the data carrier.

Instead of recycling written off IT devices, consider refurbishing and reusing them or remarketing. The The IT lifecycle often has several phases, in which complete physical destruction is not (yet) always necessary. Completely erasing data destroys all data, including operating systems & recover the highest possible value of your IT asset. For example, if a device is not in operation, repair and refurbishment could increase the potential value. A process that maximizes the value of end of life IT equipment.

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ITAD company specialized in secure data destruction

It is a much discussed topic. However, it is not always obvious where data is stored and how it can be safely destroyed. An experienced ITAD company can advise you on this. Draw up a sustainable plan together. It is important to involve a reliable and certified party in the processing of your decommissioned hardware, with knowledge of ITAD but also specialized in custom on- and off site (hybrid)data destruction. For the prevention of data breach and image damage.

Regardless of the size of your company or organization or how complex it may seem to you. At 7Digits, we ensure safe, well-designed and reliable process operations from A to Z.  At any life-cycle fase your decommissioning equipment is in, we offer suitable solutions. Curious how far we go to unburden you? Even when it comes to decommissioned ICT devices that are beyond the point of refurbishment and need to be recycled responsibly. We are happy to advise you on all types of destruction, and specific requests.

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Author: Mieke Woudenberg