No, it’s an American space program and ITAD will not be a techno party in Amsterdam this weekend either. What is ITAD? It stands for maximum reuse of decommissioned IT equipment. We, 7Digits are specialized in this. We are happy to explain how thoroughly and professionally we work.

Your written-off IT equipment. Reuse or destroy?

Suppose you have IT equipment that you no longer use and that contains sensitive information. Then, in consultation with you, we can do three things. We delete the data and refurbish your equipment. Only data destruction is also possible, while retaining the data carrier. Or we physically destroy your equipment and therefore all data on it.

Smart recycling solutions ITAD. Uh.. is that an American space program

Reuse. Security of your data is an absolute top priority.

The first, reuse, is our preference. As an ITAD company, we like to contribute to a circular world. And the moment you engage us, you do so too.

During our work, the security of your data is given absolute priority. We use the very best equipment for this and work according to the strictest protocols. We also have various ISO certificates. Afterward, you will receive a report stating what we have done with your old data and equipment.

Destroy. Nothing remains of your equipment and data.

We can also ‘destroy’ your equipment. As with recycling, we do this thoroughly and very professionally. For this, we can also visit you and destroy your IT equipment and data on-site. We use a shredder, and we work according to the European security standard DIN66399. Data from the ‘top secret’ category is especially eligible for this.

Feel free to call us

Finally, the meaning of the word ITAD. It stands for: IT Asset Disposition. This means something like Responsible processing of ICT assets. You now know what ITAD means and what it entails. And you now also know which company can help you with this discreetly and professionally. You are welcome to call us or contact your 7Digits specialist and e-mail.

Author: Mieke Woudenberg